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This online shop is now closed. Many thanks to all our loyal customers for their support over the past 7 years!

Welcome @ Slackline4u.com! It´s all about Balance..

New design in stock - RED or GREEN available:

Funky Kits!

length 15m(49ft), width 50mm(~2"), great entry level or travel slackline kit! SIGMA QUALITY - very soft webbing - great for barefoot use!

£57.99 (69.99€) incl. UK&ROI postage

High Quality SIGMA® Slackline kits for children and adults of all ages:

15m/25m Kits

slackline product picture 15m

£ 69.99 (85.99€) incl. postage

GREAT VALUE! Your new kit is just a few clicks away... order in less than five minutes!

slackline product picture 25m

£ 79.99 (95.99€) incl. postage

The Tree Protector kit and a bag is included in all our kits!


'One of the best birthday presents, I ever got!' - Catherine


 Slack wear - be smart on-line!

Made from tough felt:

Tree Protector-Kit XXL

only: £ 15.99 (19.99€) incl. postage

Slacklining is..

  • to feel your entire body bounce
  • having fun
  • movement that involves your own physical power
  • to be active outdoors
  • to discover more of you physical potential
  • to feel alive
What is a Slackline? - Simply a webbing that you walk along, at knee level, strung up between two fixed points, such as trees.
What is Slacklining? - It is a great way to have fun, make tricks and improve your balance.

New Balance for your life

Balance is essential in our lives. Nature is the master of cycle and balance. The idea to balance on something is an important part of many cultures. In Ancient Greek and old Roman times this art and practice was well known. read more...

Jenny on the slackline, supported by her friend Kolja. Backround: Nice view over the village (Herberhausen, Germany). small picture
Jenny is trying to find her balance on the slackline. She is slightly touching the tree next to her. Kolja is watching her.
Jenny is half way falling off the slackline. She is watching down to see where she can put her feet.


Your balance is keeping you vital!


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